Combined procedures at the same appointment 

Eyelash tint and lift - $225

Eyelash tint and lift / eyebrow tint - $240

Eyelash lifting opens up the eye, making it appear bigger with a fuller definition. It is a beautiful look for parties, weddings and special occasions. Lifting is a great alternative to the eyelash curler, which can damage the eye lashes.

Typically lasts  6-8 weeks or longer.

Eyelash lift - $180       ( 60-90 min)

Tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows  is ideal for people who would like a more defined look but do not want the daily hassle of  using mascara and eyebrow pencil . It is also popular among people who are sensitive to makeup or who are active in sports.

The dye is natural and contains no harsh chemicals. However sensitivity or allergy may occur. (You are welcome to come in for a patch test 1- 2 days prior to your appointment.)

Typically lasts 3 - 6 weeks.

​Eyelash tint - $45       (20-30 min)
Eyebrow tint - $35    (10-20 min)

Combined procedures at the same appointment 

Eyelash / brow tint - $65    ( 20-30 min)