All skin care treatments are customized to the client's needs and preferences. We begin each session with a consultation to decide which treatment is best for you.


Every facial includes:

  • Cleansing
  • Skin analysis
  • Face, neck and décolleté massage 
  • Arm and  hand treatments
  • Home care recommendations


Mini-Facial (30 min - $45)
Don’t have much time but want your skin to look great? The mini-facial promotes beautiful skin in just 30 minutes using only organic products . 

Sour Cherry Hydrating facial (60/90 min - $90/$130)

Rejuvenating ultra hydrating facial with sour cherry, blackthorn, rose hips and age defying products will help your skin be ready for this spring and summer. It is beneficial for ALL  SKIN TYPES, including ROSACEA and ACNE. This facial uses products that contain a high content of antioxidants that boost the complexion to soothe, hydrate and revive dull, tired or stressed skin. 

Hungarian Paprika facial with AHA peel (60/90 min - $90/$130)

A  paprika gel mask is applied over an AHA ( Alpha- Hydroxy Acid) peel to stimulate the skin by bringing blood to the surface. This oxygenates and detoxifies the skin, preparing it for better penetration of moisturizers, serums, etc. The resulting rosy skin color will turn into a healthy glow after an hour. This treatment is suitable for ALL skin types, including ROSACEA/ACNE.

Anti–Aging Grape Stem Cell European facial (60/90 min - $90/$130) 

This  facial reduces fine lines and wrinkles, firms the skin and increases elasticity. It utilizes grape stem cells to replenish and repair the damage to the skin from repeated exposure to the sun , pollution etc. Your skin will be infused with vitamins A, B, C, E, H, and Carotene (Provitamin A).

Ultra-Sensitive facial (60/90 min - $90/$130) 

This essential oil-free facial will leave the skin soothed, calmed, hydrated and refreshed. The ultra-calming and anti–inflammatory  effects of yarrow and plantago alleviate skin redness  and provide faster healing while vitamin C, chlorophyll, and grapeseed provide antioxidant protection. 

Men's European Facial (60/90 min - $90/$130) 

This facial is formulated specifically for a man’s thicker skin with common problems such as razor-burn sensitivity and ingrown hair.


​Micro-dermabrasion (30/60/90min - $55/$125/$155)

This treatment exfoliates more effectively than a peel to remove dead skin cells, oil, and accumulated debris from the skin.
The benefits:   

- diminishes minor acne scars and fine lines
- lightens areas of hyper-pigmentation
- improves the appearance of coarsely textured skin 
- allows skin-care products to penetrate into a deeper layer of the skin.
- stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen​

Micro-current (30/60/90min - $55/$125/$155)

This process is a non- surgical facelift.

The benefits:

- tones the facial muscles

- stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

- improves circulation to rejuvenate the skin


​​ Shiatsu Face Massage (15 min - $25)
 A facial massage  promotes skin health and general well-being by the  application of pressure to the face's motor nerve endings.  It is an excellent complement to all skin care procedures.